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Our terms

If you have any questions feel free to email us at or contact us through our Facebook and Instagram page at boss dragons. We will answer you as soon as possible.


We can put your reptile on hold for you, that will require 25% costs of the reptile. This 25% is not refundable. We do not hold any reptiles without a payment of the 25%. If the reptile is under 150 euro's we don't accept 25% deposit, we would need a full payment of the reptile you are interested in, this also is not refundable. All reptiles need to be fully paid latest 2 week's before  a reptile expo that we are attending the day of your pick up, or you can pay the other half of the animal at pick up. If you want your animal shipped out, you would need to have the animal paid fully 2 week's before shipment date giving to you.


Term's for animal's on hold

Bearded dragons: We are only able to hold your dragon for maximum 1 month (Europe). For other countries, please contact us.

Ball pythons: We can hold your snake for you, depending on the price ranging (600 € and up). Holding time can be discussed and arranged.


Warranty conditions

Note: All our animal's have been fully checked by our local reptile vet. We have document paper's that say they are healthy and ready to go to their new forever homes.

By purchasing a reptile from us you are automatically agreeing to our policies.

Any animal that becomes sick within your care
before 7 days or max. 7 days after import must provide proof of proper housing. Please do a lot of research on the reptiles you are interested in and contact us immediately at first sign of illness.

Must read and follow all the care and guidelines by us. So please do a lot of research on the animal's that you want to require if these are the kinds of reptiles for you. Reptiles need love and care and forever homes not temporary. Treat them with respect, love and kindness.

Reptiles that become sick require diagnosis from the Vet at buyers expenses.

Animal's that possibly arrive dead within the traveling day period must show proof with video. The reptile cost will be fully reimbursed.

No Vet bills will be reimbursed under any circumstances.
Any evidence of abuse and neglect or improper diet, improper housing and physical accidents will terminate our term's/policies. Bearded Dragons or ball pythons housed with other animals, death or injury caused by improper care and improper husbandry will terminate all our term's/policies

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